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Design Engineers:

Welcome, you are the lifeblood of New Projects, we are here to help you with High Quality, Cost Effective Solutions.

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Everyday we save Engineers' time and their company's money by offering "Cost Effective Design-in" Solutions, samples / data and recommendations.

Pick our Brains - even for products not listed on this website; we have many contacts and may have solved your problem before.  If we cannot solve it, we will try to put you in touch with someone who can.  We have truly Global connections!

We offer: Design Assistance, Samples, Data, Application Advice, Cross Referencing, Fixed Price Agreements, Buffer Stocks, JIT / KANBAN etc.

Custom Connectors, Special Plating Options, Extended Pins for "Power on Reset / Hot Swap" Applications, Mixed Layout / Mixed Pinning.  Our market: Telecoms, Medical, Control and Instrumentation, Broadcast. Main Products: DIN41612 Connectors, Press-Fit Din41612, Compact PCI, Most UL Certified, others pending.  Please visit our sister Company Westfield Distribution Limited.

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